LiDAR Forest

LiDAR Forest is a collaborative art/science experience created by Laser Garden artist Johnathan Elders and PHD researcher Harry Carstairs

3D models of rain forest trees, captured using LiDAR scanning techniques are combined with motion capture software to enable viewers to explore these images and interact with an environment that may never experience.

Feedback Loop

In response to studies into VR experiences and their effects on empathy levels, this exhibit features an additional ‘feedback loop’ component. With support from Edinburgh Napier University Centre for Interaction Design an online survey was completed and with the help of our chat bot, Valerie, participants were guided through a series of questions designed to help people consider how they had been affected and deepening their experience

Click here for link to Guardian Article on the impact of VR experiences on empathy levels.

LiDAR Forest in its testing phase. Designed with flexibility of display in mind, this variant is can be displayed in a wide variety of lighting conditions and it’s modular aspect allows for it to rearranged to suit different display spaces.
LiDAR Forest, the next step. Projectors are used to create a truly immersive experience.
A family enjoying the LiDAR Forest experience at Glasgow Botanic Gardens as part of Glasgow Science Festival 2021

This projected was developed and delivered with support from:

Dr Valerie Thomas, a key player in the development of the land sat program which allowed us to witness our impact on the planet as never seen before and name sake for our chat bot