Temple of Light

The Laser Garden’s new project – Temple of Light – is set to debut at The Lighthouse in Glasgow, Scotland’s national centre for design and architecture. Thanks to support from the Institute of Physics in Scotland and the University of Edinburgh, Temple of Light will be part of the Glasgow Science Festival. 

This new sculpture is a scaled down cathedral made using lasers. It tests the mathematical principles which are used in religious architecture, and to see if it still has the same impact when scaled down. VIsitors will be invited to explore the cathedral in small groups, with the chance to discuss the work – and the science and design behind it – with Johnathan and a team of volunteer science communicators.

As well as the new piece, one of the original Laser Garden sculptures will be on display along with opportunities to explore more behind the science of lasers, thanks to demonstrations developed by researchers at the University of Edinburgh. Exploring and explaining the different ways to use and manipulate light, with fun, informative interactive demos.

Temple of Light will be on from the 6th – 9th June in the Orangebox Gallery in the Lighthouse Gallery, Mitchell Lane, Glasgow. Opening hours are 10.30-17.00, except the Sunday when we’re all having a lie-in and starting at 12. No need to book, just drop by and come and see us.






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