Hibernation at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop

As most people, by necessity, have found themselves nestled in their homes for the past year, I was lucky enough to be able to create a piece of art for the Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop which explores so many of the themes which we’ve been living with under lockdown.

View of the sculpture, which features a concave structure covered in leaves, with two foxes made out of keyboards nestled together inside. A starkly lit branch (to look like a winter tree) is to the left.
The view from Hawthornvale of the sculpture

Hibernation is a visualization of where we are now. A civilisation which has done so much to sever its relationship with nature, never slowing down, refusing to submit to natural rhythms. 

It was designed as we went into winter, and found ourselves retreating, a forced hibernation as we dealt with the pressures of social distancing. It was also the chance to slow down, reflect or even just give in to our desire to curl up and if possible comfort each other during the cold winter months. 

The piece centers around two foxes constructed from e-waste in a large, gently illuminated, cone shaped ‘den’. Foxes seem the appropriate metaphor for us: they don’t hibernate and have very successfully adapted to city life.

The piece is designed to be experienced as if it is a large 3D illustration. I wanted to connect to associations of storytelling which through film and tv remains a strong part of our culture. And while we have been experiencing isolation, they have been such an essential aspect of keeping people entertained and connected. 

A close-up of the keyboard foxes, surrounded by leaves and a circle of fairy lights.
A close-up of the keyboard foxes

Hibernation will be on display at the Hawthornvale window of Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop until 10th March 2021. Huge thanks to Dan and the other staff at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop for their support for an installation during a very tricky time.

A short video of the installation, taken one very wintery night

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