Exhibiting again @ Glasgow Science Festival and IOP Scotland’s The Big Bounce!

A family enjoys LiDAR forest sculpture at Glasgow Botanic Gardens

Team Laser Garden were chuffed to be able to get back to exhibiting in person and to be able to show of our new sculpture/experience LiDAR Forest, especially such iconic venues.

A culmination of work between researcher Harry Carstairs and artist Johnathan Elders, LiDAR forest is an interactive piece of sculpture that allows people to use their movements to explore sections of rain forest which have been scanned using LiDAR.

As an art science cross over project, the exhibit was supported by a range of experiments to introduce and explain LiDAR, discuss how it can be used to measure the carbon capture of trees (weighing trees with lasers as Harry likes to say!) and how it can be used to monitor the impact of logging on surrounding flora.

Feedback loop!

A new experiment featured within this exhibit was the Feedback Loop, inspired by research conducted into the impact of of VR experiences on empathy levels, this experiment looked to explore how people were effected by the exhibit and reflect this information back to them in order to deepen their experience.

Click here for link to Guardian Article on VR and empathy levels

Featuring a chat bot developed with support from Ingi Helgusen at Edinburgh Napier University’s Centre for Interactive Design. Visitors were offered to take part by scanning a QR code and then being lead through a series of questions by our helpful chat bot Valerie. Valerie not only helped people to explore their own response, deepening their own experience, but was also able to offer additional information, including about her name sake Dr Valerie Thomas. Dr Thomas a pioneer a major player in the development of the Landsat programme which has now been running for over four decades and providing invaluable data on our impact on the planet


We’d like to thanks not only Glasgow Science Festival and IOP Scotland for the chance to get back to exhibiting in person, but also to our many partners who supported the development and delivery of this project:



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