There was Once a Shipping Container

Early in 2017, when the air was sharp with cold and most sensible people were tucked up with hot toddies and a good film, a group of super helpful people headed to a shipping container next to Ocean Terminal to make some art happen. dsc_0759

DOK Artist Space is a gorgeous wee space, overlooking the sea and with a big blank upper level, ready and waiting for exhibitions and explorers. Hire their space, or give them money or go and visit an exhibition there because the world needs more shipping containers full of art and they are easy to work with and nice.

Photo credit: Julene Craigen; Model: Felicity Edmond

Fliss, our intrepid model, braved sub zero temperatures to wear laser wings and not much else. Felipe: filmmaker extraordinaire gathered footage for us, while Julene took the photos (featured in this post). This was a chance to see how the wings could be filmed, to help spread the word and show what they could look like in live performances or exhibitions.

We’ll post the video on here soon, but this cold cold night was a team effort in capturing laser sculptures, and their unique visual textures and movements.

With lasers and love,


Photo credit: Julene Craigen
Photo credit: Julene Craigen

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